Until now, the purpose of our blog has been two-fold: 1) to provide information and investment advice to readers who would like to learn more about investing generally, and 2) to share market data and finance research with sophisticated investors and other portfolio managers.

We’ve come to realize that it is uncharacteristic for a single blog to target two very different audiences. As a result, going forward, posts that are intended to inform and educate readers who are interested in personal investing, wealth management, and wealth preservation will be posted on The Market Commentator’s new website, while more sophisticated and data-orientated posts related to the economy and the markets will be posted on The Milwaukee Company’s website. 

In addition to hosting blogs on personal invest and wealth management, The Market Commentator’s new website will also have links to useful financial tools, market updates, and be home to our Market Week in Review newsletter.

Thank you for reading!

The Milwaukee Company