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Momentum's Magic Number | Flirting with Models via @thinknewfound

The Limit of Factor Timing | Flirting with Models via @thinknewfound

Why do professional investors talk about behavioral finance more than they apply its insights to achieve more rational decision making?

@panthera_s shared his insights.

via @Enterprising

What’s The Best Methodology For Measuring Drawdown Risk?

16 Articles on Quantamental Investing

"The principal value generation in tradable economics arises from efficiency gains that come with a better alignment of market prices and economic conditions" via @macro_srsv

"Trend following typically starts to do well in the run up to a recession. This goes well in explaining why trend following has done well in 2019. For it to continue to do well, we are going to need the probability of a recession to continue to go up.”

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