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As we come to the end of the first half of 2019, what data should we be watching in the second half of the year? via @FactSet

A recession or crisis may not be imminent for China, but absent a change in direction, China may never become rich. via @WSJ

“Concentration towards the Value factor was a good bet (in the past); however, it causes additional tracking error which can cause underperformance, such as the past 5 years within the U.S. market.”

Value Investing & Concentration by @jvogs02

What Is a Factor? Part 2: The Impact of the Long-Only Constraint

This is a topic that definitely doesn’t get enough discussion IMO.

The implicit short in long-only is constrained by benchmark weights, making it hard to capture long/short factors fully.

With the U.S. and international assets having a divergence in returns over the past several years, it may be time to geographically diversify your portfolio.

Industrial production has shown some signs of weakness in the economy, as its year-over-year growth rate slows to 1.32%. However, the overall economy still appears to be relatively strong with unemployment near all-time lows and GDP growth over 3.0%.

Using quantile regression can produce a "much more granular view of the distribution of a target variable"

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