• Merry Christmas to all.
  • Happy New Year.
  • May all your wishes come true.


Dear Santa,


I hope this letter finds you well.  I’ve recently started writing a weekly blog on investing and this week I thought I would post my Christmas wish list for 2019.  I hope that’s OK.  Here are the 10 things I am wishing for this year.


  1. Please keep the so-called “experts” from predicting what the stock market will do today, tomorrow, or in 2019. I know it’s hard for you to grant this wish because there are so many boys and girls who are asking for their predictions to come true.  Then again, I don’t expect that their wishes will be granted either.  Which is why I wish the self-appointed experts would just stop!


  1. A common-sense budget plan for the federal government that begins to address the ever-growing federal deficit. I realize this is the job of the politicians in Washington, but they’ve failed miserably.  Perhaps you should put coal in all of their stockings.


  1. The Milwaukee Brewers playing in the 2019 World Series. (Thank you for a great 2018 season!) 


  1. A good night’s sleep for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. If you think you’ve got a tough job, just take a look at the type of criticism this poor guy has been subject to recently.  Even the top central banker deserves a break this holiday season.


  1. A halt to the seemingly never-ending rise in the cost of college tuition. I’m going to have three kids in college next year! 


  1. A Brexit deal. This has dragged out almost as long as my wait for Green Bay Packers season tickets.


  1. An end to all of the unwarranted criticism of exchange traded funds. Low cost index ETFs are a terrific way to invest, but high-fee mutual fund promoters providers and commission-based investment hucksters advisors love to find fault with them because they cut into their bottom line. 


  1. Courage for all those who are thinking they should sell stocks because the market has gone down recently. A major reason so many investors significantly underperform the market is that they mistakenly sell stocks after they’ve dropped, only to buy stocks again after prices have come back up.


  1. A Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year for everyone who reads this post!


  1. My number one wish: an electric car that sounds like a Dodge Demon!


Happy holidays!


The Market Commentator



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